The purpose of these outlines is simply to help you organize the information that you already know from reading your Bible.

Different people may be interested in different things when it comes to the gospel. Likewise, different people often have different questions that pertain to salvation. These outlines are designed to help you give answers to some of the more common questions that people have. The ultimate goal is to direct one's mind to what the Bible says.

The way to use these outlines is to simly study the Scriptures provided and to learn the points that are made. Remember, the goal here is organize the information that is already in the Bible, not to add to what the Bible says.

There are two ways these outlines can help you teach the gospel to your neighbors.
        1. You can study the outline on your own, prior to your discussion or study.                   This will help you to be prepared should certain questions arise.
        2. You can read through the outline and then discuss each point with                         the person with whom you are studying.

Remember to always emphasize that our goal is to go to the Bible, to learn what it says, and to do what it says.